This class, presented by Elaine Newkirk discusses the Standard American Diet and its relationship to many of today’s health challenges. Specific issues dealing the endocrine system, diets and their effects on hormones will be discussed. Topics will include insulin resistance, thyroid and adrenal gland fatigue and obesity. Specific health concerns to each gender will be targeted. Topics such as fertility, hot flashes, menopause, osteoporosis and many other women’s issues are discussed. Men’s issues such as low testosterone, fatigue and loss of muscle tone are a few of the male issues discussed. This class puts together the plan that helps us be the best we can be.

Specific topics:

• Review Briefly the basics of nutrition
• Brief overview of digestion and its connection to candida overgrowth
• Basics of pH balance
• Cleaning and feeding the routes of elimination
• Effects of the Standard American Diet
• Determining your beneficial foods
• Are there any good fad diets?
• How important are enzymes in weight loss and health?
• Xeno-estrogen overload and its effect on health
• Women’s Health

o The Child Bearing Years
o The Specific Dis-Ease Conditions
o Menopausal Concerns

• Organs For Hormone Balance

o The Endocrine System
o Liver building and cleansing

• Men’s Health

o Andropause
o Depression
o Erectile Dysfunction
o Prostate health