Have you ever wondered?

  • Why are the 20 herbs I take with each meal making no difference?
  • How do I compensate for my lack of a gall bladder?
  • How can I stop the high blood sugar train from running over me?
  • Why do I get every cold that comes along?
  • Is everyone allergic to peanuts?
  • Is there such a thing as wheat belly and if so, how do I get rid of it?
  • What are the consequences of genetic modification?
  • Why do the bugs chase me down and why am I so sensitive to their bites?
  • Can I be a healthy vegetarian?
  • What should I know about nourishing my thyroid gland?
  • Why am I so STRESSED!?

If you would like answers to any or all of these questions, you may need to spend a weekend with Elaine Newkirk in the Fundamentals of Nutrition class.

Learn how your food choices and your ability to digest those foods make all the difference in your health.

This class is designed to answer questions on a fundamental level but will also connect-the-dots for the advanced practitioner.

Students will learn the fundamentals needed to really understand diet (what we eat), the anatomy of digestion (how we transform it), and how to utilize those nutrients to function at peak performance.

Our modern source of food is already lacking in nutrients and the components to digest them properly. How and where does this happen? We will discuss some of the main contributing factors so that you can avoid the consequences.

The basic anatomy of digestion will be addressed with an emphasis on how malnutrition makes digestion dysfunctional. We will then take a detailed walk through the digestive system identifying the parts and functions that need to work properly to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Those deficiencies are a major contributing factor to common health complaints like painful muscles, burning stomach and constipation, to name a few.

We will identify the connection between immune system stress and malfunction.

The nutritional components of each food category, where you get that food, deficiency symptoms and what is needed to digest it will be covered. The importance of vitamins and minerals and their interconnection with proteins, fats, and carbohydrates will be discussed so that students will recognize that diet, digestion and enzymes are dependent on each other.

Although designed for the person new to natural health, concepts will be presented that will change the way you view health and clarify your decision making.

Students will leave this class knowing how to correct the diet to provide nutrient needs. Perhaps more importantly, you will learn what is needed to digest and absorb the nutrients from that diet.

Elaine combines 40 years of studying and 18 years of lecturing about natural health with 27 years as a nurse to deliver life changing pearls of wisdom. The Fundamentals class combines key concepts that have left a lasting impression on her students for years, with solid science that changes lives.