In a world where detailed information is just a mouse click away it is really important to have a good foundation that includes a basic understanding of our body system. This class focuses on the structure, function and support of each system and the associated organs.




In this two day seminar you will learn:

  • Basic medical terminology
  • The structure and function of each body system and its components
  • Symptoms of imbalances will be defined
  • Nutrients that support the organ and system will be identified

This class does not aim to be a comprehensive treatise on the subject of anatomy. It does however provide a conceptual framework and the necessary information on which to build.

Elaine Newkirk will teach this class in her usual style that combines simplification of difficult subject matter with humor, to give students a solid foundation to spring forward into health related fields.

Although designed for the person new to natural health, concepts will be presented that will change the way you view health and clarify your decision making.

Students will learn the fundamentals of how our bodies were designed and what is needed to keep them healthy. This basic understanding is crucial to have in order to make educated decisions that help keep yourself and others healthy.

Elaine combines 40 years of studying and 19 years of lecturing about natural health with 28 years as a nurse to deliver life changing pearls of wisdom. Her classes combine key concepts that have left a lasting impression on her students for years, with solid science that changes lives.  Elaine is widely known for taking complex, hard to understand topics and delivering them in a way that is easy to understand and remember.  Her passion for sharing her knowledge is immediately recognized from her hello.

What out students are saying about Practical Anatomy….

“This week the BEST Anatomy CLASS EVER w/ another original A Team instructor, Dr Elaine Newkirk.
Have I had Anatomy? yes.
So am I learning anything NEW? H$LL YES !!
I have been in Practice for over 17 years, constantly going to classes and studying…And in just the morning hours of this class I have learned many new things that will enhance my practice….sooooo
Take this class…Fly to it if you can’t drive to it…
Do NOT be foolish enough to think that if you’re in the natural health (or Allopathic ) field you don’t need this class…YOU NEED THIS CLASS…”
Melissa WM, Los Angeles